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We’re globally diverse and aggressively looking for new ways to grow our business. We rely heavily on the best database tools and services to help us manage one of the world’s largest collections of health related information. This is opportunity and challenge on an enormous scale; Oracle, SQL Server, DB2/UDB, Sybase and every emerging platform that makes sense for a team that makes the biggest difference in health care. Bring your ideas, your passion, your intensity and your ability to drive change. We’ll serve up the opportunities and resources. And soon you’ll discover that you’re doing your life’s best work.SM

What you Need To Know

  • This environment requires you to be very nimble - we are constantly innovating and growing.
  • Be prepared to be challenged.  You will work with industry leaders on cutting edge solutions and products on an enormous challenge- making the healthcare system work better for everyone.
  • We’re working on advanced ways of using Big Data and data visualization.
  • We have expanded our Big Data fabric significantly over the last few years.
  • We are learning new ways to use the data we have every day and much of that data is massive and unstructured.

What We Are Looking For

  • These positions require substantial data warehousing experience within a large scale environment.
  • Experience working with large data sets is essential for these roles.

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Data Warehouse Manager

If you want to get the most out of bid data, you had better build some brilliantly design warehouses. That's our goal. Every day that we come to work, we're thinking about how to learn from the data that is flowing into us from millions of health care procedures, outcomes and cost scenarios. In this role, you'll help us shape history as you will lead a team of data warehouse and data integration developers. More Information

Oracle Database Engineer

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but success is the foundation for evolution and growth. We're studying success in a scale that broaches millions and millions of health care outcomes. We're gleaning new insights, new lessons and new ways to guide health services based on the brilliant work of people like you. Join our Oracle team and help us change the world as you do design and coding related to data integration from health care clients all over the country. More Information

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