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What’s the most important thing you need to know about software engineering at Optum? It’s simply this: our moment is upon us. There’s never been a more momentous time for engineers who want to use technology to transform how people manage their health, recover from disease, interface with the health care system and much, much more. We’re creating novel software products that will be commercialized for distribution across the global health system. But while our story is only in the first chapters, we’re no start-up. This is a team with the global resources of UnitedHealth Group. It’s an expanding team with an appetite for driving change. It’s a team that’s working in smart and focused ways to create big and meaningful change. Join us. You can play a role, challenge yourself like never before and, ultimately, create your life’s best work.SM

What you Need To Know

  • Our resources and financial strength come from the size of our organization. But so does the need for structure and that means working with software tools and data sets that we’re sharing across the enterprise.
  • Our size and complexity will require you to learn how to navigate our enterprise and find the resources you need within our technology teams.
  • We have a vision, but we’re still building. It will take resilience and leadership on everyone’s part to help us build an organization that can achieve incredible results.

What We Are Looking For

  • You will need to have substantial software engineering experience involving development and commercialization of novel products.
  • Agile and Scrum experience is preferred.
  • The size and structure of our organization requires ability to develop relationships and collaborate effectively on multi-disciplinary teams.
  • We seek people who have a sense of urgency to do it first and do it best.

Explore Software Engineering Careers

Application Developer

Wait. Did you just say you want more challenge in your career? Well, how about this. Join our applications development team and you can participate in all phases of the software development life cycle that enable our Fortune 14 organization to operate and grow. Our application portfolio spans from IBM Mainframe to Midrange to Web 2.0 solutions. We have over 400 applications and deliver nearly 5 million hours of application development services each year through our global teams. What's that? Yes, you should apply today. More Information

Database Administrator

Are you ready for a bigger role on a better team? Your expertise in building and maintaining databases will help thousands upon thousands of people working in the health and pharmaceutical industries make data-based decisions. You'll build, maintain and tune the databases that hold the lifeblood of this organization--data. More Information

IT Project Manager

You know what's exciting? Using your skills to make a difference. You know what's career-changing? Using those skills to change the world. Join us as an IT Project Manager and you'll help define and drive quantifiable business results within a technology organization that is fueling UnitedHealth Group's industry shaping influence and performance. You'll lead project teams to ensure that high quality technology solutions are delivered to meet our business needs. From technology infrastructure, to internal applications and commercial software, you'll find opportunities to use your structured project management skills to deliver success. Now, that's exciting. More Information

IT Senior Manager

From the helpdesk to the Command Center, you’ll have a direct impact on our customers. In this role, your people and technology skills will come in to play daily as you help support more than 55,000 internal customers (domestic and international), more than 1,000 applications, desktops, telephones and networks. Ultimately, your work has impact on millions of external customers who rely on our systems for services. Challenge doesn't come any bigger than this. More Information

IT Senior Manager

From the outside looking in, you might not realize that UnitedHealth Group is a technology leader that just happens to be shaping tomorrow's health care system. Let this be your eye-opening opportunity to lead global teams and enable our thriving, technology driven business. You'll connect with business partners, set vision, strategies, and goals as you ensure delivery of quantifiable business results. You'll be a mentor, an influence and someone who helps create the next generation of leaders. More Information

IT Systems Architect

Well, welcome to the most exciting place on earth. During your technology career at UnitedHealth Group, you’ll create the roadmaps for our future by developing technology architectures that will take our company forward as we help change health care forever. You'll help us shape a world-class customer experience and automate the health services industry by leveraging the appropriate technology solutions for our many business needs. More Information

Network Engineer

You'll join a team that's out to design and build world-class voice, data and video networks that enable our business and our customers to connect. In support of our domestic and international employees and partners, you'll work on industry-leading voice and data networks, including 60,000 digital phones; 3,000 telecommuting employees and over 90 domestic and four international service centers. More Information

Software Engineer

Health care is changing forever. Technology is changing it for the better. This is our time and that makes this your best opportunity to have influence and impact on the lives of millions. In this role, you’ll build commercial software products that automate critical aspects of the health and pharmaceutical industries. These Unix and web-based solutions allow organizations to make data-driven decisions leading to better outcomes. We develop and deliver more than 100 commercial software products to our various businesses annually. More Information

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