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Hetiane C.
Lifelong Learner
Administrative Assistant

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You'll get the training you need, the potential you want and the challenges that make every day exciting.  In this role, you'll authorize the appropriate payment or refers claims to investigators for further review. You'll conduct data entry and re-work; analyze and identify trends and provide reports for leadership review.

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File Clerk - Manhasset, NY (706216)

Full-time Manhasset, NY

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File Clerk - Manhasset, NY
Posted 4/13/2017
Region: North America Country United States
State/Province: NY City: Manhasset
Position Description
Position Description:   Healthcare isn’t just changing. It’s growing more complex every day. ICD10 replaces ICD9. Affordable Care adds new challenges and financial constraints. Where does it all lead? Hospitals and Healthcare organizations continue to adapt, and we are vital part of their evolution. And that’s what fueled these exciting new opportunities.Who are we? Optum360. We’re a dynamic new partnership formed by North Shore and Optum to combine our unique expertise. As part of the growing family of UnitedHealth Group, we’ll leverage our compassion, our talent, our resources and ...

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