Centers for Family Medicine


Centers for Family Medicine is a community-based practice of more than 20 Family Physicians, each trained with unique attitudes, skills and knowledge to provide superior medical care to the patient, as well as the patient’s entire family. From pediatric and adolescent care, to adult and senior health care, patients are provided with access to comprehensive and professional medical assistance through a network of local offices, urgent care centers, hospitals and 24 hr. on-call physician consultations.

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Formed in 1992, following the merger of two prominent local medical offices, Centers for Family Medicine continues to lead the way in Family Medicine for patients in the greater Southern California communities of Los Alamitos, Cypress and Seal Beach Village.

The growing practice is part of Memorial Healthcare IPA (MHIPA), which provides services like intensive case management, technology support, and other patient resources, including:

  • Willow Wellness Center – a place for seniors to be active and stay involved.
  • Senior Advocates – available by phone or answer questions on appointments, billing and more.
  • Disease Management – for Diabetes and Heart Disease, including education and nutritional coaching.
  • Urgent Care Centers – in nearby Signal Hill and Seal Beach

Centers for Family Medicine is also a part of Lifeprint, a new care delivery network that places the patient at the center of health care.  Lifeprint makes sure physicians are given the resources to stay well informed on all aspects of their patient’s care. Simply put, Lifeprint is a care system where doctors, medical information, care plans and medication history all connect together, ensuring better health for the patient.

Company Overview

Locations: Los Alamitos, CA; Cypress, CA; Seal Beach Village, CA
Health Plan Options: UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, HealthNet, SCAN Health Plan
Physicians: Over 20 Board Certified Family Physicians
Partners: Memorial HealthCare IPA and Lifeprint
Facilities: Willow Urgent Care Medical Center, Seal Beach Urgent Care, and Willow Wellness and Senior Center