Stephanie E. | Active National Guard
Stephanie E. | Licensure Quality Manager

Some heroes at work are superheroes at life.

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Active National Guard
Licensure Quality Manager

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Working at UnitedHealth Group


Top 7 Reasons

You have your own reasons for wanting to work here. But here are a few incentives we think are pretty compelling.

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Mission & Values

You can tell a lot about a company by its mission and values. See if what’s important to us is important to you.

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Our Work Environment

You’ll be using your head. You’ll be using your heart. And you’ll be rewarded with greater opportunity than you can imagine.

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Military Appreciation Month

May is an important month for all of us at UnitedHealth Group as we recognize the historic impact of the armed forces, the diversity of its individuals and the importance of its achievements. Learn how we help service members and their families discover the best post-military career opportunities.


Transitioning Military

Find out how your training has already prepared you for success with UnitedHealth Group.

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Military Career Highlights

In honor of National Military Appreciation Month, we’d like to showcase some of our top military career highlights.

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