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Dr. Sandra P. | Hiker & Fitness Advocate
Dr. Sandra P. | Physician

At times like these, we persist. Join a team supporting millions.

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Hiker & Fitness Advocate

Improve the lives of others while doing your life's best work.SM

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We support you with the latest tools, advanced training & the combined strength of high caliber co-workers who share your passion, your energy & your commitment to quality.


Millions of people place their trust in the clinicians and care givers on our expanding global team. There’s an energy and excitement here, a shared mission to improve the lives of those we serve with compassion and innovative technologies.

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Corporate Services

The numbers are staggering.  We serve more than 85 million people, provide wellness services to more than half of the Fortune 500, make it possible for more than 30 million people to get the medicines they need. And yet as good as they are, the numbers are only one way to appreciate the kind of opportunity we can put before you. 

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Customer Service and Claims

In communities stretching across the United States, our customer service & claims teams are helping people. We can bring out your best as you put your listening, analytical & problem solving skills to work in setting that is geared to helping improve lives & enhance health care for millions.

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Health Care Operations

Picture yourself using a blend of technology and analysis to help create insight, interface with subject matter experts, build new models and help set a direction for how our organization operates. Visualize yourself analyzing health care cost and pricing strategies, working with advanced tools and abundant resources. We’re bringing thought leadership and economic modeling to a whole new level.

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Project Management

We’re moving fast and shifting gears to outpace the rate of change that’s sweeping through health care around the globe. People like you can help manage processes like ours – bold and important. You’ll matter here because our challenges grow more complex as we grow our products, services and global reach.

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Sales and Marketing

We’re creating opportunities in every corner of the health care marketplace to improve lives while we’re building careers. We know that our sales & marketing teams need to keep raising the bar through creativity, innovation, passion & a commitment to making every minute matter.

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Across our organization we’re just not using technology to help millions receive care, we’re evolving it by understanding how that care is provided, paid for and, most important, how it helps improve health through greater outcomes.  There are no limits here on the resources you’ll have or the challenges you’ll encounter. 

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Working at UnitedHealth Group

Top 7 Reasons

You have your own reasons for wanting to work here. But here are a few incentives we think are pretty compelling.

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Mission & Values

You can tell a lot about a company by its mission and values. See if what’s important to us is important to you.

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Our Work Environment

You’ll be using your head. You’ll be using your heart. And you’ll be rewarded with greater opportunity than you can imagine.

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Get to Know Us

Our team is committed to making a difference in people's lives by improving the way care is delivered and administered globally. We look for people who have compassion for the world around them, love exploring new ideas and leap towards a challenge. For those movers and shakers, a position on a team at UnitedHealthcare is a natural fit.

Top 7 Reasons

While you have your own reasons for wanting to work here, we listed out a few incentives we think are pretty compelling.

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Inclusion & Diversity

We’re building teams that include employees with diverse backgrounds and ideas, but they all share a common ability to touch people's lives, one person at a time.

See how our culture brings us together

Get to know us

Getting hired at UnitedHealth Group is more than the right connections and a solid track record. This is about fit. Is your drive aimed in the same direction as ours? Does your high-performance DNA match our high-performance DNA? Quite simply, do you want your work to make a difference in people's lives? Then here is a place to begin your life's best work.SM

Ricardo S

Our Businesses

Through our family of businesses, you'll work to make health care better for more people, in more ways than ever.

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Shauna D

Career Events

We’d love to meet you. Attend a UnitedHealth Group career event and get first-hand information from our people.

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Connecting the World to Better Health

Take a closer look at UnitedHealthcare, part of the UnitedHealth Group family of businesses. You'll be surprised at the ways we’re making a difference. How can you be a part of that? By bringing your best to each project, person and team, to positively impact end-to-end care. Check out a few outcomes from our employees who have done just that.

Employee working with children for community service.

Empowering Health

We are committed to making a social impact. How? By expanding access to care and addressing all the factors that affect a person's health.

See how we are making a difference in local communities

Our team at the clinic opening ceremony.

A Personalized Care Experience

Our innovative clinic treats the whole person, from primary care to behavioral health support.

See how our employees are promoting personalized care

Diversity & Inclusion

It's Pride month and we couldn't be more proud of the inclusive workplace culture our employees have built here. From policy to benefits to culture, we are dedicated to building teams where every individual is recognized for his or her unique experience and contributions.

Best Places to Work

UnitedHealth Group was named one of the "Best Places to Work For LGBTQ Equality" by the Human Rights Campaign.

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The uniqueness and experiences you bring to the table increases the effectiveness of our ability to identify solutions.

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